30th Day of the Hunting Moon, 45 Winters

A spirit will fade, at times. I believe I can trace the fading of mine to last fall when my father passed away, and shortly after that also decided it was time to find new homes for my horses. Since then, things have just been different.

walnut branchesA tweak to my prayers has changed things a little, though, and wonder of wonders, unintentionally, I’m getting closer to picking up this project of mine that shares how I feel about the Master of Breath and the soul-warming scenery that is provided for us while we spend time here.

trout streamI will not be trying to pick up where I had left off last winter. It’s time to let those tracks be blown away and covered with snow, ready for new tracks.

brown troutMay we all find peace in the winds.

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11th Day of the Crow Moon, 45 Winters

It had been over a month since I felt well enough to get out into the winds again, and took my youngest dog with me.

Turkeys in the distance.

flock of turkeysEllie tearing after turkey scent.

tearing after turkey scentThe remains of a deer, with lots of coyote tracks around.

deer remainsWe enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. Ellie even had a smile.

Ellie smilingTake care –

Spotted Face

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4th Day of the Hunger Moon, 45 Winters

I find myself trying to play “catch up” again. It will feel funny posting photos of winter, at first, but that’s what I feel I need to do to get going again.

This day, I walked both the the tops of the hills and the bottoms, searching for rabbits for the freezer, with no luck. It felt great to be out anyway, as this past winter was full of reasons why I thought I should stay near the house.

northeast iowa farm fieldInteresting story here – it looks like the mouse escaped.

interesting storyOtter slides on the frozen creek.

otter slidesA couple of close-ups I thought were interesting –

tree barksilhouette and shadowTake care –

Spotted Face

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26th Day of the Snow Moon, 45 Winters

I was very rushed this day, and only had a couple of hours before sundown, and I wanted fresh trout.

trout stream

trout stream

trout stream

The trout were there but did not cooperate.

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20th Day of the Snow Moon, 45 Winters

We hadn’t had much snow here in this part of the world until just recently. Makes for good easy walking through the hills.


Spent some time under a pine stand. Love listening to the winds through them –


Out from the woods and onto what used to be a bald hilltop. Sumacs are taking over –


On the way back down to my truck I spotted a nest with an egg in it. During the Snow Moon? Here? Nope. Just a hickory nut that had fallen in. I love this.

hickory nut egg

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14th Day of the Snow Moon, 45 Winters

Around the time when it came to pass that I had spent 45 winters here, things took a turn for the worse as far as my wife’s health went. Nothing life threatening, but definitely life-style changing. Her rhuematory arthritis kicked into high gear and we haven’t got much better since. This is when I start to notice that I don’t get out under the trees and into the winds as often I used to.

On this day, I came realize the temperatures were much colder here this winter than I had thought –





Nice little surprise I came upon, also –

100_2879 (2)


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7th Day of the Snow Moon, 45 Winters

Relief from cabin fever for the dogs and myself.

sun over the hill

the dogs

Walking into the wind, even the three of us were able to walk up on a deer –

whitetail deer

My favorite parts of these hills I get to wander – stands of birch with their white trunks contrasting the dull browns and greens –

birch stand

Had to head back to the truck eventually –

the dogs

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